Annual Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked AACOP questions for vendors:

  1. What meals are provided for vendors and sponsors? Continental breakfast and buffet lunch Wednesday and Thursday. 
  2. What is included with a booth? Each booth is 8 x10 and comes with one 8 foot x 3 foot table and two chairs. They are a typical shell-style set up with a black backdrop and black tablecloth.
  3. What is the electricity situation? You will have ACCESS to electricity, but it can be up to 25 feet away from your booth so make sure you bring proper extension cords and power strips.
  4. Are the booths carpeted? The entire vendor hall is carpeted with office-grade carpeting.
  5. If I purchase an outdoor booth, is there shade? No, you will want to bring a shade canopy of some sort.
  6. What is the cancelation policy? We will offer a full refund up until 30 days prior to the conference. After that, no refund will be issued as conference materials have already been printed.
  7. I want an opportunity to address the membership, how can I do that? You need to purchase one of the larger sponsorships as outlined on the website.
  8. How many days prior to the event will the hotel receive boxes? 7 days only
  9. Does the hotel provide shipping labels?...No, guest/vendor is responsible for providing labels and ensuring correct information is on each label as specified.
  10. What’s the maximum weight of a container the hotel will receive? Packages over 50 pounds cannot be accepted unless prior arrangement have been made. There may be a handling charge for incoming and outgoing packages.
  11. When can I load-in to the convention center and/or set up my booth? See schedule on vendor information page
  12. Can we leave our products/materials at the booth overnight? Yes – security will monitor the vendor hall overnight; however, all weapons must be removed and secured.

Frequently asked AACOP questions for Attendees:

  1. What meals are provided for attendees of the conference: 2 continental breakfasts, 2 lunches, one afternoon snack, one dinner, and one Beer Garden Social.
  2. What is the total number of training hours received? 8
  3. What day is the big GUN drawing? Thursday!