About Us

Purpose and Mission


The purpose of this Association is to promote and enhance cooperation and coordination between the public and private entities and individuals in the interests of law enforcement

To develop and disseminate information on techniques of crime prevention, training, community policing, criminal apprehension, and police administration and management, to promote their use; and to assist in developing, attracting and retaining qualified individuals in both the public and private sectors in areas related to the protection of life and property.


  • To assist Arizona departments in dealing with personnel issues.
  • To promote efficiencies in government, police professionalism, and the maintenance of individual liberty
  • To enhance the exchange of information between agencies
  • To work with public and private organizations in activities which will enhance the image of law enforcement
  • To recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations in promoting public safety and the goals of the Association
  • To promote implementation of these philosophies or ideas.

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