Welcome to The Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police.

The purpose of AACOP is to promote and enhance cooperation and coordination between public and private entities in the interests of law enforcement in Arizona.

The Benefits of Membership

1.  Quarterly meetings for all AACOP member Arizona police chiefs and their command staff from around the state. these meetings provide the AACOP members with a forum to listen to legal and legislative updates and discuss law enforcement issues with the other police chiefs. Police chief forums (chiefs only) are also held where chiefs can discuss issues of importance and ask questions to other chiefs.
In addition, AACOP  provides a forum at these meetings for law enforcement from throughout the country to brief AACOP members on issues they have experienced in their own communities and how they responded to them as well as lessons learned.  These have included the Clark County, Nevada sheriff giving a law enforcement briefing to AACOP members on the Mandalay Bay shootings in Las Vegas with lessons learned, the police chief from Orlando Florida briefing the AACOP members on the Pulse nightclub shooting and lessons learned and a Dallas PD presentation of their five officers who were killed at an ambush with lessons learned.
2.  Weekly emailed legislative updates from the AACOP lobbyist during the legislative session.  These updates include:
A.    All introduced bills that affect the criminal justice system in Arizona including a bill summary and bill language;
B.   Any activity on those bills including committee hearings and adopted committee amendments.
3.   Emergency email alerts from the AACOP lobbyist containing new bill or amendment  language that will impact the criminal justice system as well as scheduled legislative member meetings or committee hearings on those specific issues.
4.  AACOP lobbyist works closely with PD lobbyists on law enforcement issues.
5.  Access to membership database on website
6.  Access to member forum on website
7.  Trainings (and POST credit)
8.  Annual Conference attended by members of AACOP, Sheriffs' Association, Prosecutors' Association, AZPOST and ACJC.
9.  Starting in 2020, legal defense fund will be provided to members
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