Legislative Committee:  

  1. The purpose of the Legislative Committee will be to review, discuss and provide input on issues of importance to law enforcement and be available to speak at the legislature on key legislative proposals. Committee members will be responsible for facilitating discussion and soliciting timely feedback from other AACOP members when appropriate. 
  2. The committee will be composed of AACOP members appointed by the Executive Board and chaired by the AACOP Legislative Chair and will work closely with the AACOP lobbyist.  

Current Chair:  Terry Young – [email protected]


Training Committee: 

  1. The purpose of the Training Committee is to evaluate, identify, market, and support training that develops and advances individuals and the profession of policing in Arizona. The training offerings may be hosted by the AACOP singularly or as a partner.
  2. The Training Committee will be composed of at least one member of the Executive Board, voting and active members.

Current Chair:  Sylvia Moir -  [email protected]


By Laws Committee:

  1. The purpose of the By-Laws Committee is to evaluate, revise, and publish the By-laws of the Association. The committee shall review the By-Laws upon a grievance or should a clarification become necessary, or in full every two years (each even number year).
  2. The By-Laws Committee shall be composed of the By Laws chair of the Executive Board, the Legal Advisor to the Association, voting and active members as needed.

Current Chair:  Alan Rodbell  - [email protected]