Police Chief Opening Winslow Arizona

The City of Winslow invites you to apply for the position of Police Chief. The mission of the Winslow Police Department is “Superior Service.” Our management philosophy encourages professional growth and development. The Department is committed to improving quality of life for the citizens it serves. This is done through citywide partnership and by using proactive solution-seeking initiatives to deal with a diverse community. This excellent opportunity is the result of the retirement of Police Chief Steve Garnett after 30 years of service to the Winslow Police Department. The new chief will join a dynamic team of executives committed to meeting the challenges of change in our community and society today.
The new police chief will be a leader of high integrity and strength of character, who will value the resources of the department’s staff. It is expected that the police chief will possess outstanding communication and listening skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and a personality style that is comfortable in both social and professional settings. The police chief will be accessible to both the department and community.

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