Excellence in Victim Services Award

Dear Colleague,

Each year the International Association of Chiefs of Police and LogIn, Inc. sponsor the Excellence in Victim Services Award. This award honors law enforcement agencies that have made exemplary efforts in providing innovative services to victims of crime. The Excellence in Victim Services Award recognizes agencies based on their respective size that utilize best practices such as effective partnerships, training methods, and performance monitoring tools which place victims at the center of their public safety efforts and response to crime.

I have electronically attached the 2010 award announcement, application guide and application form and am asking that you link them to your Official State Association’s Web site for your membership to view or post the above information with the following link on your Website (www.theiacp.org/awards/evsa).

One representative from each winning agency will be provided complimentary conference registration, transportation costs, and three nights of hotel lodging for the 117th Annual IACP Conference in Orlando, FL on October 23-27, 2010.

All nominations/applications must be postmarked by no later than May 1, 2010.
For more information you can visit the IACP Web site at www.theiacp.org or call Keely McCarthy at (800) 843-4227 ext. 810.

Capt. David Porter
Flint Police Department
Flint, Michigan
IACP Victim Services Committee Member

Information contributed by: Capt. David Porter FPD, MI